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Types of Services


Type of ServicePercentage of Providing Organizations
Financial Empowerment Services69%
Community Services65%
Housing Development62%
Housing Services41%
Youth Services37%
Agriculture and Food Services27%
Physical Development26%
Business and Commercial Development23%

The top three most popular services during the 2013 survey were financial empowerment (69%), community services (65%) and housing development (62%). Scroll down the page to see the breakdown of what each of the groups of services include. The prevalence of home rehab over new construction in the housing development category aligns with a trend in the community development industry toward restoring or repurposing buildings that already exist for various reasons, including vacancy caused by the foreclosure crisis and desire to preserve significant historical structures or implement cost-saving energy technology.

Although CDCs have always provided a fantastic array of services, Michigan’s recent economic climate had made many realize the importance of financial education, which along with homebuyer/homeowner counseling and foreclosure counseling makes up the growing prevalence of financial empowerment opportunities in Michigan.

Since the last survey in 2008, community gardening exploded. Only 2% of CDCs reported food systems activity five years ago: today that number is 27%. Some CDCs even run farmers markets. One is currently constructing a regional food hub.

A similar breakout is occurring in the area of business and commercial development. One in five CDCs were engaged in this area, from offering small business loans to providing business incubation space to giving technical assistance. Between 2011 and 2012, these CDCs created 257 full-time jobs.


Most Important Services Offered

CDCs listed what they believe are the three most important services they offer. The most frequent responses fit into the following categories:

Most Important Services OfferedPercentage
Housing Counseling or Education20%
Basic Needs, Supportive Services20%
Community Planning, Revitalization17%
Home Repair or Weatherization13%
Financial Counseling or Education12%

Financial Empowerment


Financial Empowerment ServicesNumber Provided by Respondent CDCs
Homebuyer/Homeowner Counseling33
Financial Education27
Foreclosure Counseling26
Credit Repair22
Emergency Services19
Tax Assistance 15
Benefits Access12
IDAs or other Matched Savings9
Access to Banking7
Other (specialized counseling, such as pension, reverse mortgage or rental

Community Services


Community ServicesNumber of Providing Organizations
Job Counseling or Training18
Gardening/Food Programming18
Senior Programming16
Homeless Services15
Health Programming14
Community Center11
Food Bank10
Energy Conservation Training/Services10
Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch10
Cultural/Arts Program9
Other (direct meal or food provision, legal services, disability services,
entrepreneurship, computer access)
Literacy Program7
Voter Registration6
Drug Abuse Counseling4
Teen/Parent Counseling3

Housing Development





Type of Housing DevelopmentNumber of Providing Organizations
Housing for Ownership38
Rental Housing33
New Build26
LIHTC Housing13
Senior Housing12
Housing for People with Disabilities10
Single Room Occupancy Housing3
Land Trust Housing2
Cooperative Housing2

Agriculture and Food Services


Agriculture and Food ServicesNumber of Providing Organizations
Community Gardens19
Farmers Market7