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Avalon Housing Inc: Youth Leadership Program Success Story

KG is a young teen from a family that experienced domestic violence, and was referred to the Youth Leadership Program by his Avalon Case Manager. During the family’s yearlong tenancy, KG’s behavior created a number of problems on the property. He had difficulty managing his emotions, frequent outbursts of anger, inability to resolve conflicts and was also struggling in school, unable to maintain good grades and develop positive relationships. Continue reading

Community Housing Network: Duane Ott

Duane Ott is teaching himself how to carve wood and holds a piece of wood he found that he says will be an “interesting project.” Every once in a while a special donation shows up at Community Housing Network. “It’s not ever much,” says donor Duane Ott, “but CHN has made all the difference for me living the kind of life I choose to live versus the life of abject poverty. Continue reading

Northern Initiatives: Blackrocks Brewery

Andy Langlois and David Manson, silent sport enthusiasts, were brewing exceptional craft beer at home to enjoy with friends after time spent out on the trails. When the recent down turn in the economy resulted in the elimination of Andy’s position, the two friends developed their passion for brewing into a solid business concept and Blackrocks Brewery was born. Continue reading

Community Housing Network: Jack Dobrecki

Jack Dobrecki is 61 and has had two dreams come true. He’s now living his second dream—a home he owns. The home is one of 12 in the Springhill homebuyer down payment assistance project from 2002, receiving $156,000 in FHLB-I funds. Jack says that every morning since he moved into his house in September 2003 he wakes up with a smile. “It feels great—every day.” Continue reading

Community Housing Network: Robyn and Violet

My name is Robyn and I want to tell you what Adopt a Family means to me and my daughter, Violet, who is almost 2 years old. But first, I want to tell you about Community Housing Network. I was three months pregnant with Violet when I left an abusive relationship. I could not imagine what it would be like to be homeless with a baby. But I knew I had to leave. Continue reading

Northern Initiatives: Beth Millner Jewelry

Beth Millner has been working with jewelry crafts for nearly her entire life. Living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for the past several years, she finds herself constantly inspired by nature and the change of seasons. Specializing in sterling silver, copper, brass and gold jewelry with a nature theme, she’s designed more than 1000 pieces of jewelry, showing her work at art and craft fairs and music festivals around Michigan for the past 5 years. Continue reading

Community Housing Network: William Quimby

William Quimby worked full-time from the age of 15 until the morning when he physically could not get out of bed. The pain in his back and hip was eventually diagnosed as disc disease and avascular necrosis. Unable to work, and with mounting medical bills, he exhausted his savings and lost his home. “I watched strangers and garbage men,” he recalls, “haul away everything I owned.” Continue reading